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Have damage to your vehicle? Text your pictures to us and we will be glad to review them and help you with advice on repairing your vehicle properly.

Text "Estimate" to 509-467-8448

attach your pictures and we will respond as soon

as we can. Be sure to include a picture of your vin.

Example of good damage photos

Photo estimates should only be used for informational purposes only. They should not be relied on for accurate estimations on damages to a vehicle. 

The only way for us to compile a complete estimate is to perform a 100% disassembly of the vehicle, review and research OEM repair procedures, verify parts, pricing, availability Etc. This is typically performed after the vehicle has been dropped off for repairs. Even with disassembly and research, it is still possible to encounter additional repair costs during the repair process, especially as complicated as vehicles are today to repair.

If you have submitted photos to an insurance company and have questions on the accuracy of their estimate we would be glad to review the estimate or any pictures you may have. Insurance photo estimates are just a start. Many times, once we tear down the vehicle, we find damage not seen in the original estimate photos. So, the final cost of the repairs ends up being much higher. 

For example:

A customer's insurance company wrote an estimate on a 2016 Explorer for  $8,160.76

Actual cost to repair was after finding damage not seen in the photo estimate was $22021.33

Please feel free to text, call, e-mail or stop on in and we will be glad to assist you in getting your vehicle repaired. ONLY trust a qualified repair facility to properly negotiate, research and perform OEM recommended repairs to your vehicle.