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The Insurance company says I have to go to “XYZ” shop for repairs but I have always had my car fixed at Ed’s. Do I have to go to the shop they want me too?

                Absolutely not, you have the right to choose Ed’s as your facility of choice. Although it may be necessary to have that facility prepare an estimate for the insurance company to process your claim, we will work off any preferred shops estimate and negotiate with the insurance company to makes sure your vehicle is repaired correctly. Call us and we can tell you which insurance companies require estimates by their preferred shops.

The insurance company says Ed’s in not on their list, what does that mean?

                We participate in many insurance company programs. There are so many different insurance companies that it would be impossible to participate in all of them.  We work well with all insurance companies whether we participate in their program or not.

The insurance company said that they warranty repairs only performed at preferred shops.

                 We have re-done numerous poor repairs performed at “preferred” shops.  We offer a life time warranty for Quality, Corrosion, and Workmanship. Quality and Workmanship is not driven by the insurance company. It is 100% driven by the facility performing the repairs to your vehicle.

The insurance company put aftermarket “AM” parts on the estimate to my car. Do I have to accept them

                This is a good question. If this is your insurance company you may want to review your policy. A lot of insurance companies do require the insured vehicle to be repaired with aftermarket parts. Our attention to detail and quality is second to none and typically when we attempt to use AM parts we are able to reject them due to fit and quality issues. Most insurance companies will honor OEM parts if the AM parts are proven to be substandard.

                If you are a claimant on a claim, you have the right to request OEM parts for the repairs on your vehicle. This may include used parts and reconditioned parts that avail.Type your paragraph here.